The Premier League’s Ghost Goal –

The Premier League’s Ghost Goal También camisetas de clubs de fútbol de otras ligas europeas, camisetas de fútbol retro como la camiseta albiceleste de la Argentina de Maradona, camisetas de futbol Lugo la de la seelección de Brasil de Ronaldo o la Holanda de Van Basten, sin olvidar camisetas retro del Barça o el Madrid.

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The story of when goal-line technology failed in the Premier League between Sheffield United and Aston Villa.

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14 comentarios en «The Premier League’s Ghost Goal –»
  1. And they didn't use VAR to check because only goal line tech is used to check if the ball crosses the line 🥲

  2. As a Villa fan, I am forever grateful for this moment. Considering how far we come since, it's actually crazy to think about how different things would be if that goal had been correctly given.

  3. And the Villa team celebrated finishing 17th like they’d won the champions league. Bournemouth really got done over.

  4. Yg ada goal line technology dan VAR aja masih ada kesalahan keputusan wasit seperti tidak memberikan gol padahal bola sudah melintasi garis gawang.

    Apalagi liga Indonesia yg belum ada teknologi seperti itu.

    Tapi anehnya pemain, official, dan pendukung selalu menuntut wasit bekerja sempurna.

    Padahal mereka hanya manusia biasa yg tidak luput dari kesalahan sebagaimana wasit eropa juga sering melakukan kesalahan.

  5. Nuts to think that Villa were so close to getting relegated and now they’re breaking into the top 6! Emery has worked some magic over at Villa Park!

  6. A bad decision in the first half of a game with 9 games of the season remaining does not decide that game or that season.
    Villa would have played a different game in the 2nd half if 1-0 down.
    When you are denied a last minute goal and lose 1-0 as Villa did that season at Palace then the Ref has decided the result.
    In both cases the Ref going to VAR would have shown their obvious mistakes but in both cases they refused to use VAR.

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