How Ireland NEARLY Had A Premier League Team –

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When the Premier League was founded in 1992, the Republic of Ireland were ranked sixth in the FIFA World Rankings, had reached the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup, and – unlike England – would qualify for the 1994 World Cup.

Despite their international success though, the League of Ireland continued to struggle, and it was in this context that a consortium from Ireland attempted to relocate Premier League team Wimbledon FC to the Irish capital of Dublin.

In this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at Ireland’s efforts to establish a Premier League team, how they were thwarted, and what happened instead – as well as pondering what might have been.
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  1. Lovely story in retrospect, but an awful time for football as a spectacle. POMO is a great leveller, but would you really rather watch that than Brighton or Brentford these days?

  2. I genuinely think 🤔 a lot of irish clubs could compete in Scotland not England but I mean outside of Rangers and Celtic.
    I mean sligo rovers knocked out motherwell who finished 4th in Scotland out of the europa conference league qualifiers.

    I think you could make an argument for the likes of Shamrock rovers or even derry city challenging in the top half of the Scottish league.

    where as I think rangers and celtic would be lucky to survive relegation in the premier league.

  3. Nah they should have joined the Scottish league instead. Ireland and Scotland like doing things together. The English league isn’t for them.

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