REACTING TO MY PREMIER LEAGUE PREDICTIONS 2022/23 Comprar camisetas de futbol baratas tailandia 2022 2023, camisetas de futbol Estados Unidos venta de nuevo chandals de equipos de futbol.

It’s that time again to react to my 2022/23 Premier League Predictions. How did I do?
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  1. Tough year to predict…but I guess that makes it a good year to watch as well! T beauty of the Premier League! Still, I need to get back to my best next season. Who's winning it in 23/24? Who will be the surprise packages? And who is going down? Let me know below!

  2. Hi spencer i know this is out of the blue but do you still own shares in real oviedo? if you do could you give us OG subs a update on the club i heard one of the richest people in the world owns a big part of the club but there are still struggling in the 2nd tier of spain, is this because of poor investment? lack of investment? or something like Chelsea with a billionaire buying a club but having no real knowledge on how to run the club. Would be amazing if we could get some sort if video on them.

  3. No disrespect to Brighton, but Leicester going down less than 10 years after the PL win, and Southhampton going down with years and years of "smart player investment", if Brighton doesn't learn from this then in 5 to 10 years they will be at bottom of the table. I jokingly say that Liverpool bought all of the talent from Southampton, and with Brighton doing so well and big clubs after their talent, there will come a day just like Southampton and Leicester had.

    But on Chelsea, and take this with a grain of salt since I'm a Chelsea fan, yes they had a horrible season, but the refs cost at least 30 points for Chelsea. We all remember Tot v Chelsea at the start, Cucurella being pulled by the hair, and Anthony Taylor not calling a foul granting Tot an equalizer. Against WH clear handball, no penalty. Against Liv ball bounces from Alisson against Kai's hand into the net- no goal (since obvious handball), but a week later similar situation- no handball, and Chelsea didn't get a penalty. Last game of the year against Newcastle (nothing to play for on either side), clear handball on Burn- no penalty. If refs are unwilling to call a fair game in a situation where nothing is at stake, then when would they call a fair game against Chelsea? Against Fulham, Felix got red-carded (yes it was high leg into a Fulham player) in the first game, but in the second game Fulham player flew feet first into James- no card. Cesar was knocked out by Southampton, and the ref took 5+ min to show a yellow card for that (it was clear red since if that's not red then I would tell my players to start knocking out the other team; you can't allow this kind of behavior on the pitch; imaging how easy it would be to have your starting 11 knock out their starting 11 get 11 yellow, they can make 5 substitutions so you knock them out as well with your 5 substations and now you are 11 against 0 since their 16 players are out injured and they can't make any more substitutes).

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