«IT’S GOING TO MAKE A LOPSIDED LEAGUE!» 😳 Cascarino STATES the Premier League is becoming UNFAIR! – camisetasvideo.es

«IT’S GOING TO MAKE A LOPSIDED LEAGUE!» 😳 Cascarino STATES the Premier League is becoming UNFAIR! Somos una tienda online de Camisetas De Fútbol Baratas.Encontrarás todas las camisetas personalizadas y ropa de entrenameinto de todos los clubs y selecciones para adultos camisetas de futbol Lazio,MUJER y Niños,tales como Camiseta Real Madrid, Camiseta Barcelona, camiseta selección española etc.

Cascarino STATES the Premier League is becoming UNFAIR with the constant changes aiding the top teams!

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12 comentarios en ««IT’S GOING TO MAKE A LOPSIDED LEAGUE!» 😳 Cascarino STATES the Premier League is becoming UNFAIR! – camisetasvideo.es»
  1. How are city win a league with 115 charges over them, they need to come to a conclusion with this asap because any league title they win is a title taken from another team

  2. Eh, had Everton gone down two seasons ago, they'd very probably have been promoted last season, so do we punish the playoff winners from that season or Everton cite them as co-defendants in any suit? And if a team was cheating, wasn't every team in the division subjected to it equally? Should they all sue?? Nah, a points deduction for cheats and relegation for consistent cheats is the best worst option.

  3. The epl has always been lopsided.
    For a even playing field, all clubs should have the same sized stadiums and revenue.
    And that isn’t going to happen.
    So we live with a lopsided situation and try not to make it more lopsided.
    What yee sow, so shall yee reap.

  4. Man City & Chelsea will buy their way out of their legal problems just like the elite do in this country. Worst they'll get is a fine. Fact!

  5. Arent Leicester under investigation for overspend and notts forest how do they expect to sue Everton when they may be guilty of the same offence. Can every team in the prem since the early thousands sue chelsea since theyve already admitted guilt?

  6. I thought these fines were supposed to go for these compensations and not to the pockets of the FA, there should be a clause in the ffp rule that other teams can not sue. Imagine if penalties are applied on City and Chelsea then Man U and Arsenal and Liverpool will sue them for lost revenue because of second place, bizarre.. sometimes I feel these people on top don't have a clue what they are doing

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